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Live in Ecstatic Devotion & Joy

Dear Beloved,


Do you desire to feel the pulsing joy of ecstasy running throughout your body?

Reminding you of your purpose, amplifying the strength of your voice, and expanding your vision?

How about your beloveds also rejoicing in this pulse of harmony with you?  

Can you imagine forever divorcing all body image issues because now all you see is a divine vessel, the home and temple that hosts an ecstatic consciousness?

What does it look like to live in this contagious and radiant confidence?

Are you ready to harmonize the areas of your life where there has been neglect and self abandonment? Are you ready to re-define your relationship with your pain to one that sparks your curiosity into action?

Are you willing to dance in the warm waters of joy and discipline?


Lady Sandivel

bilingual Internationa Teacher, Elite Tantra Educator, former Sponsored Runner & billboard published model

About sandivel

Born in Mexico City, raised in Southern California, Lady Sandivel is passionate about creating expansive spaces that inspire the human spirit to experience new levels of ecstatic joy, devotion and confidence. Through her online mentorship programs, personalized retreats & playshop events worldwide, she is empowering beloveds to breathe in the radical edge of their holistic pleasure, and exhale all the bs in way.

Is your temple

ready TO

exist in this



 Full Circle Recovery

Since childhood, I’ve had an innate connection to the euphoria of the body. Thank God my first encounter was in nature on my own. I was actually chasing a butterfly. I share this story in detail in my upcoming book. This out of the world awakening, however, got me sentenced to the prison of my own mind and body for 15 years through shame and guilt. My guardian didn’t know better. She thought she was protecting me.

To be a good girl, I redirected this powerful life force energy into the discipline of sports. Though being an elite long distance runner was amazing, something was missing. I longed to understand the depths of life outside of a conditioned, shamed and dedicated scholar athlete.

I began my journey of returning home, to all of me, and not just a manicured billboard version I had become.  In reclaiming the sovereignty of my body and its voice, I met familiar and unfamiliar places within and never looked back . With over 25 years of discipline modalities, I am thrilled to share vitality breath-work and devotional practices to guide beloveds into becoming multi ecstatic radiant beings. I believe waking up to a super loved up body only inspires more strength and beauty. What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

Kiss good-bye procrastination, stagnation, fear, validation and whatever else is in the way of experiencing the most epic relationship to the body and offering your greatest contribution to the world.

There’s no more time to waste when you’re blissing out on this life.

If you are you ready to breathe in the radical joy and wisdom of your body, then please fill out my questionnaire below. Thank you! 

“Sandivel has changed my life by guiding and supporting the reconnection to my divine feminine, bliss, purity and deep feminine power. Thank you!”

– C.M Sacramento, USA

“I feel like I am glowing. Your caring and touch heals. I can't stop smiling. Your understanding and insightful guidance are profound. You are truly remarkable. I gain a lot from you.”

–  J. – Los Angeles, USA

“Dear Sandivel: I have been moving through my day as if I am weightless and yet, fully energized. WOW! You are extraordinary, Fantastic, Patient and a Thorough Teacher. Thank You Sandivel!”

– D.C –  Washington DC, USA

“Thank you for an eye opening and deeply powerful session. There was a moment in our session, when all else faded and you came into focus. Every sense was completely locked into you and the ecstasy you were guiding me through. It was like a different dimension. “

New Orleans, USA

“Self love, respect, authentic expression, presence, vulnerability are things I have come to value. Values instilled by one of the BIGGEST influences in my success in business and womanhood. Her influence has been nothing short of monumental!. If you want to expand & evolve in whatever your passion is in life, I strongly suggest working with her!”

– I.N – Los Angeles, USA


Are you coachable? Meaning are you able to receive guidance from an expert in order to master specific areas of your life?

Working with a guide requires a financial commitment. Are you in a position in which you have disposable income and can afford to invest in yourself without putting yourself or loved ones at risk?

How did you discover Rev. Priestess Sandivel?

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