Tantric Temple Dancer Yoni Steam Playshop

Naturally Supporting the Ecstatic Balance of the Womb through Movement & Organic Herbs

Do you desire to be more in the power of your womb body in the most sacred and profound ways?

Are you seeking natural ways to support your wellness, heal imbalances within your womb and connect with your sensuality and feminine intuition?

Do you desire to be seen and celebrated in your raw ecstatic power?

Would you like to explore the depths and treasures of movement as medicine?

Join IX-Chel Sandivel & Sabrina Vedete for a day of Tantric Temple Dancing and Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam Herbal Ritual featuring Yoni Egg Crystal Healing. In this playshop you will learn tantric yogic techniques to help you become more aware of your energy and the Intuitive Technique that renowned performer Anandha Ray has created as a way to unlock the body completely. You will experience, “the profound gifts that comes with moving out of the way and letting your shamanic body speak its language.” You wlll experience using this raw ecstatic energy as a manifestation and transformational offering like those practiced by the deva dasi temple dancers, who offer their dance as spiritual devotion. You will experience how to re-awaken the wisdom of your womb and restore health and balance to your feminine cycles – learn ancient feminine secrets, harness your sexual potency & creative potential – as wombyn have practiced for thousands of years with the ancient rituals of herbal yoni steaming and the yoni egg crystal practice.

Yoni Steam & Yoni Egg Crystals support healing of:

  •  Menstrual Pain & PMS -Infertility – PCOS – Stronger Frequent Multiple Orgasms – Postpartum Healing – Trauma Release – Womb Cleansing – Irregular / Missing Cycles – Pain During Lovemaking – Cysts / Fibroids / Endometriosis – UTI / Yeast Infections – Dryness – Healing from Sexual Trauma – Incontinence – Uterine Prolapse – Detox – Menopause Symptoms – Increase Libido & Pleasure Center for Her/Him – and More…



Experience with us:

*Embodiment of goddess deities within your temple dance. *Unlocking the magic of our Womb with herbs and crystals. *Healing of the emotional, spiritual and physical body in Sisterhood through movement and ritual Organic & sustainably sourced Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam 13 Moon Herbal Blend for yoni steam ritual provided. We will have a sale of GIA Certified yoni egg crystal gemstones for our practice. Yoni egg crystals include: rose quartz, nephrite jade, obsidian, amethyst, red jasper, fancy jasper, bloodstone, green aventurine. You may read about the energetic properties of each crystal on our website so you can choose a crystal that resonates with your womb, or wait for me to explain in person.


  • Journal & Pen
  • Reusable Water Bottle with closing lid
  • Comfy clothes that you can dance in
  • Accessories that inspire your inner goddess to adorn your body temple for dance offering
  • Flowy Ankle Length Skirt (must be able to kneel on the ground with knees apart and have skirt cover your knees and feet)
  • Cozy Blanket
  • Yoga Mat
  • Medium size heat safe bowl (ceramic/glass) (NO tin or Plastic)
  • Socks
  • Alter items to bless our space & go back home with you (crystals, statues, pictures, beads, bones, feathers, etc)
  • Small Jar of Organic Coconut Oil
  • Your Open Heart


Friday, April 12: 7:30pm- 9:30pm in Chatsworth, CA

Doors open at 7:30pm and we will begin at 7:45pm, please plan on arriving early to honor the small window of magic that we have! Thank you! We need to be out of the Studio by no later than 10:00pm.

**Registration is Non-Refundable**

Returning Deva Desi Temple Steamers receive 50% off entry!

About your facilitators:

Sabrina Vedete is the Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam and is currently earning her Peristeam Hydrotherapy Degree. For the past three years, she has shared Womb Wisdom Transmissions, Herbal Yoni Steam Consultations & Yoni Egg Crystal Ritual in circles, rituals and gatherings across California, New York, Colorado & Oregon. She has merged with moon magic, the phases of our menstrual cycle, feminine archetypes, tantric dance with wise teachers and embodies the work through her own daily rituals and connection to her womb space. She is an intuitive coach who has guided sistars towards successful pregnancies, connection to nature, our primal heart and releasing that which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest. https://www.sacredlotusyonisteam.com/ Use Sandivel discount code for 10% off store IG: @sacredlotusyonisteam iX-Chel has been practicing Tantra Yoga for 8 years and one of her greatest joys is expressing ecstatic energy through transformational dance using tantric breathing techniques and Shamanic Fusion Dance Intuitive Technique. She’s a Level 4 Tantra Educator from Source Tantra Yoga, the most established school of Tantra in the west. In the last 4 years, she’s been studying movement as medicine and a ceremonial healing art with Master Movement Director and Reverend Priestess Anandha Ray.