Happy New Moon beloveds!

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Sunday and using this “restorative” day to inquire about your new intentions for your life on this sexy New Moon in Taurus.

New Moon is this Sunday night/early Monday morning depending on your timezone. Here is a mini description of the characteristics and qualities of Taurus by Liz Greene on Astro.com. “The bull is used to describe the sign of Taurus because he usually is plodding and peaceful in his movements. He is deliberate and relaxed and enjoys his food. A typical Taurus person likes comfort, and is willing to work hard for the things that make him happy. Like a bull he does not easily lose his temper, but when he does get angry it is best to stay out of his way” (http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_kd_tau_e.htm)


Taurus’s ruler is Venus (think of Goddess Aphrodite energy). ”Venus is the power of attraction or, to put it another way, she is ‘pulling power’, which is a very powerful force indeed. Venus describes what gives us joy, regardless of the opinions of others. Whether or not our culture sanctions our particular individual pleasures, Venus needs to be fulfilled if we are to find joy in our lives.” (http://www.astro.com/mtp/mtp31_e.htm)


“…the Taurus New Moon (on May 17th into the 18th) is the most lusciously Venusian of the year. (http://www.mysticmamma.com/new-moon-in-taurus-may-17th18th/)

This New Moon and moon cycle, what are you creating for yourself to honor the strength of your inner feminine loving qualities? Get into a yummy and fabulous meditative place this evening and ask yourself, what do I deeply desire to create this cycle that is more in alignment with my feminine grace and strength (Yes, even knights have inner feminine energies -this could look like taking the time to see how you feel when you dress up). Do I need to call in more community that supports my feminine qualities? Do I need to create more self care rituals throughout the month? Do I need to stop reading this email and start pampering myself?

All day today, I am getting ready to be in a ceremonial place to ground the visions I have for my tantric music video that I’m shooting tomorrow!! EEEK! This is more than just a music video. It’s a deep prayer that will be shared forever. This is a big day for visual ecstatic feminine empowerment and I am super thrilled and grateful.

I have learned so much about myself in the last few days. One of the biggest things I have been reminded about, as I get closer and closer, to my music video shoot is that community is everything. My dearest beloveds have really been there for me to make this possible. I’m not going to lie, I  was on the verge of  letting go of this vision because of a communication breakdown I had three days ago. I have now surrendered to my truth which is that this video needs to be created on this New Moon and shared by the day I was born! Please send your amazing blessing and imaginary roses over here! <3! Thank you!


Take this time on this new moon cycle, to call in once again, that which your heart truly desires. Let’s plant those precious seeds tonight, for your pleasure and the bliss of the earth.

Oh and on another note, last Full Moon, I led the biggest Sensual Surrender Playshop & Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade ever! It was life changing on so many levels!! I cannot wait to share about this event sometime during post production!


Sweet and ecstatic blessings your way! <3!

iX-CheL Sandivel is a multiorgasmic & divine feminine empowerment coach. She is the youngest woman qualified by the oldest school of tantra in the west, as a Source Tantra Yoga Associate & certified Advanced Tantra Educator. She leads events for men & women based on Tantra with an exotic twist. She’s most known for her “Sensual Surrender Play Shop for Women” where women learn to embrace their creative life force energy, and to play a dominant role at the “Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade.” These events are the start of an 8 week coaching program and embodiment journey!