It’s a week before Valentine’s Day! Part of me is like, “Ya, ok so what? It’s love day everyday!” and another part of me is like, “Great, what an opportunity to deepen my love yum sex consciousness!”

I was interviewed for the The Wise Woman’s Way to Love, Sex, and Vitality Worldwide Telesummit!” and had SO much fun sharing my favorite tantric breathing ritual and technique.

My interview actually airs on Valentine’s Day and I’m inviting you to check out this free worldwide summit where experts and masters from all over the world come together to share their secrets and wisdom. If you are interested, click here now or read below.


Have you ever thought about the fact that sex is the most powerful creative force human beings have access to?  

Sex is in fact what creates new life! If we can use sex to create a person (baby), what else can we create with that powerful energy?

What if you could use orgasmic energy to attract your beloved, or increase your fertility to conceive a child?  

What if you could use the same mind-blowing orgasmic energy to attract a new career or even money?  

Perhaps having an orgasm for the very first time would be enough to please you, wherever you are at in your journey with your sensuality is welcome at this free virtual event.

It is no secret that when a woman is thriving sexually she radiates a certain confidence and magnetizes her desires easily.

Is it time for YOU to rise up in your power and unite the deep wisdom in your sexual center with the rest of your life?

Then I invite you to take charge of your own pleasure path, grab your horse by the reins and ride with the 18 hand picked authors, teachers, coaches and guides who will deliver a wealth of inspiration, knowledge and understanding to you about your incredibly complex and fabulous female form! How it works, and how you can work it to experience more pleasure in all that you do.

This free event has come to your attention for a reason! Listen to that lady loves! Your soul is seeking more!  Now matter where we are we can always gain new depths in our understanding and interest in our incredibly powerful divine femininity, especially as our world is crying out for more magic!

Get your spot now!  Your spot will thank you later 😉

Wise Woman’s Way to Love, Sex and Vitality Worldwide Summit.  February 13 – 18, 2017 

In this free online event my friend and colleague, Willow Brown LAc. is bringing together 18 top Sexuality, Relationship and Hormonal Health Experts, including me to guide you in healing from past wounds and old shame, while fulfilling your needs for intimacy and love, and becoming orgasmic or multi-orgasmic for the first time, if you are already at that level then come find out about the “Superior Orgasm.”

You are worthy of having ALL your needs met, AND it is imperative that you explore expansion that awaits you! The truth is that when your heart center and your sex center are unsatisfied you are less available for the people and activities in your life that you love.

It is your time to Shine and the Teachers on this Summit want to help you breakthrough the shame, doubt, fear, and insecurity that is holding you back from living a love filled, sexually thriving life. Do something kind for yourself, Sign up for the Wise Woman’s Way to Love, Sex and Vitality Worldwide Summit. February 13 – 18, 2017  

We will cover everything from how to:

  • Become Multi-Orgasmic and Experience Superior Orgasms (Which can be directed to specific organs and glands for accelerated healing)
  • Experience More Intimacy and Passion by understanding your inner rhythms and cycles.
  • Eat right for a healthy libido and prepare your body for a fulfilling sex life.
  • Step Into Your Full Feminine Power in a Way that Inspires your Partner to Open to You, Rather Than Shut Down.
  • Ask For and Get What You Want in Bed and in Relationship
  • Clearing shame and old patterns to Overcome Insecurity and Gain Confidence.

And sooooo….. much more!

This Summit will give you a plethora of resources and tools for a thriving and satisfying sex life. There are many summits out there in sex and rising up in your female power, but none of them bridge the gap between your physical endocrine system and your spiritual emotional body the way this one does. It’s a safe place for you to get the inspiration and information you’re ready for.

Click the link to join the Wise Woman’s Way to Love Sex and Vitality Worldwide Summit. February 13 – 18, 2017

I can’t wait to connect with you at the Summit!


IX-Chel Sandivel & Willow Brown, the creator of The Wise Woman’s Way to Love Sex & Vitality Worldwide Summit

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iX-CheL Sandivel is an intimacy artist and transformational coach. She is living in exotic tropical paradise where she leads Tantra retreat intensives. She’s qualified by the oldest school of tantra in the west, as a Source Tantra Yoga Associate & certified Advanced Tantra Educator. She’s most known for her “Sensual Surrender Play Shop for Women” where women learn to embrace their creative life force energy, and to play a dominant role at the “Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade.”  Follow iX-Chel on Instagram at @ixchel_sandivel

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