I know it’s not the Full or New Moon but it’s been to many moons since I last wrote to you loves and had to share my heart with you today!

Everything is connected to sexual energy whether you’re in a place of embracing that aspect of yourself or denying it. No matter where you find yourself in the spectrum of sexual integrity and expression, allow yourself to question your beliefs about sexuality when the opportunity arises. It’s the creative energy that brought us here in the first place, it only makes sense to question its beauty and depth <3!

This past week, I got invited to 4 play parties, well one of them being a cuddle party which is not considered an official sex party. Being in the energy of conscious choice and consent is my favorite part about cuddle and sex parties, everything else is just cherries on top! 😉

When I was an exotic dancer aka stripper, I always had the choice to pick my clients, to move my body as I felt inspired to and to not compromise my worth no matter how many stacks of Benjamins were being offered. My sexual integrity was more important. My self worth and protecting my sacred energy was my practice and offering. This is what made this taboo filled work so empowering for me.

I lived some of the most powerful experiences being a modern Las Vegas “Devadasi” or a temple dancer in the best strip clubs in the US. As a dancer or as my teacher Anandha Ray refers to as a “shape shifter,” it’s been so important to me to allow my sexual energy to flow through me through dance. Not to seduce or look sexy but to just allow myself to be me and move out of the way at the same time.

Thanks to my 1 year Priestess of Isis program with Master Movement Director Anandha Ray, I’ve been able to integrate my deep love and passion for dance and merge it with my respect for sexual energy and the appreciation of its raw form. This photo below is of our last concert in Mexico a few months ago.

Photo by Chris M Gallo

One of the intentions I shared with Anandha was my desire to share this Devadasi energy with the world. With that being said, I’m offering Tantric Lap Devadasi Playshop. In this playshop you’ll learn tantric breathing techniques that’’ll help you be aware of your energetic body as well as sharing the Shamanic Fusion Intuitive Technique created by Anandha Ray herself that helps unlock the body completely.

So far I have one playshop scheduled in Washington DC next month and another one in LA sometime early 2018. See below for more info!

If you’re interested in the playshop in LA, please be on the lookout for that post on Instagram @ixchel_sandivel or feel free to email me!

Thank you!

Tantric Lap Dance Devadesi Playshop

-Do you desire to be more in your body in the most sacred and profound ways? 

-Do you desire to be seen and celebrated in your raw ecstatic power?

-Would you like to explore the depths and treasures of movement as medicine? 

Join iX-Chel Sandiver for an evening of Tantric Lap Dancing and Shamanic Fusion Intuitive Technique.

iX-Chel has been practicing Tantra Yoga for 7 years and one of your greatest joys is expressing shamanic ecstatic energy through transformational dance using tantric breathing techniques and Shamanic Fushion Dance Intuitive Technique. She’s a Level 4 Tantra Educator for Source Tantra Yoga, the most established school of Tantra in the west and is currently in a one year long priestess initiation program with Master Movement Director and Reverend Priestess Anandha Ray. 

In this playshop you will learn tantric yogic techniques to help you become more aware of your energy and the Intuitive Technique that renowned performer Anandha Ray has created as a way to unlock the body completely. You will experience, “the profound gifts that comes with moving out of the way and letting your shamanic body speak its language.”

You wlll experience using this raw ecstatic energy as a manifestation and transformational offering like those practiced by the temple dancers, devadasi. 

The deva desi offered their dance as an essential part to temple worship. Dancing was seen as a spiritual devotion. After experiencing the intuitive technique, guests will choose a goddess deity they feel called to express, embody and or include during in their temple dance. 

Doors open at 7:30 and doors will close at 8:00pm. Please plan on arriving before 7:55 to ensure your participation. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to join the playshop. Thank you for understanding in advance. 


Pre-registration is $28 before 10/19 and $33 after that! $40 at the door.

Please send your paypal payment here:


-please bring a water bottle with closing lid

-comfy clothes that you can comfortably dance in

-accessories to adorn your body temple for your dance offering

-optional: journal & pen

This event is welcome to all sexes. Please share this invite with anyone you feel would love to come! Thank you! XOXO

To learn more about iX-Chel, please visit 

To learn more about Anandha Ray’s 1 year Priestess Ordained Program, please visit

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iX-CheL Sandivel is an intimacy artist and transformational coach passionate about creating safe, expansive and exquisite experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic awareness, confidence and self love. She is living in exotic tropical paradise where she leads personal retreat intensives. A Source Tantra Yoga Associate & an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, she’s most known for her “Sensual Surrender Playshop for Women” where women learn to embrace their creative life force energy and to play a dominant matriarchal role at the “Domme Knight Masquerade Experience.”