Tantric Massage for ALL: The Art of Intimate Presence

Embodying loving presence through tantric massage & the art of cultivating intimate and transformational space

Event Date: Fri August 2nd (Evening) & Sat Aug 3rd (All Day)

Learn the ancient and ceremonial art of intimacy and devotion with Dan & Sandivel at their Tantra Massage for Couples Playshop DC.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to come! This is for open minded, heart centered and courageous folks who are ready to learn and practice techniques that further enhance our potential for expansion and healing through the conscious cultivation of sexual energy.

Tantric Massage is an incredibly powerful healing modality that combines body and energy work to allow for love and life force to flow freely within ourselves. Using sexual energy as a catalyst, we learn to hold space for activation of our deepest selves, including our capacities to give and receive infinite love, manifest our dreams and desires, exercise nuanced skills of communication, and surrender in safe ways to the kind of vulnerability that heals the soul on multiple levels.

Our main intention for this workshop is to transmit that anyone who is willing to wield their energy responsibly, can use these skills in their own unique way to open doors to more love in their lives and the lives of others. You don’t have to learn a whole bunch of fancy tips, tricks, and techniques… the main ingredient is LOVING PRESENCE.


-what it takes to be fully present before the beloved to enter the tantric vortex of deep orgasmic healing

-basic communication skills required to enter these intimate and vulnerable spaces.

-breathing practices that open the orgasmic body

-grounding exercises that allow your partner to trust you fully

-tantric tools that help penetrate the energetic body and subconscious

– to give a Tantric Sacred Spot Massage to a Woman & a Man

– one of the most powerful ways to clear sexual trauma and trauma in general stored in the Kali Spot of the body!

– To surrender to the art of receiving

– To Give effortlessly, fully and with tenderness

Come be immersed in a safe and educational environment that supports your sexual growth 🙂



Your choice of lubrication

Sheet and blanket

An altar piece (something of symbolic value to you that can be charged up with during our playshop for you to take home back with you!)

Chocolate and your favorite berries (cherry, strawberries, blueberries, etc.,)

For Saturday: Your own lunch and or potluck meal for lunch

Snacks for all day Saturday

For Saturday Dinner: To be on the safe side, bring a pot luck dinner item to share.



A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to attend via paypal https://www.paypal.me/sandivel

*Couples deal $220

*Single $150



Friday, August 2nd- 7:30pm-9:00pm

Saturday, August 3rd- Doors open at 9:30am, start at 10:00am, done around 8:30pm.



IX-Chel Sandivel is an intimacy guide, performance artist and Rev. Priestess Sandivel is passionate about creating safe and expansive experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic awareness, confidence and self love. An Elite Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Source Tantra Yoga, the most established school of Tantra in the west, she’s been practicing Tantra Yoga for 8 years. She currently lives in Mexico where she offers personal intensives and often travels to the states to facilitate playshops and play parties. Follow IX-Chel’s work at http://sandivel.com

Daka Dan (the Medicine Man) is a spiritual warrior with ambition to change the world one open heart at a time. With a background and intensive in Neo-Tantric Yoga, Lineage Based Shamanic Energy Medicine, and Taoist Inner Alchemy Qi Gong he cultivates a practice in Annapolis MD. At home and around the country he serves a private clientele and teaches workshops, along with providing coaching services for men who wish to more fully embody their sacred masculine birthright as deeply conscious and sexually empowered community leaders, lovers, and creators. He guides his clients through their most deeply held emotional blockages to reclaim the power they need to create the kind of loving and sexual relationships they have always wanted. At only 25 years old Daka Dan stands as an individual example for a new generation of Lightworkers, grounded, willing, and eager to manifest the unfolding of the Aquarian age. He also is a budding musical artist and writes uplifting and soulful songs with only his voice and a guitar.


“I consider Ix-Chel a modern day priestess. Unafraid, unabashed, uncensored. There is nothing about her presence that resembles shame, restriction or diminution. She is a matriarch in maiden form. Her openness an inspiration.

I met Ix-Chel at a time when every area of my life was changing, growing and in abundance, except my sex and love life. This was an untouched key, still repeating negative patterns from my childhood wounds taken into adult life as a wife, mother and lover. With Ix-Chel’s coaching, I was able to see and go beyond my fears, self-consciousness and limiting beliefs of my role as a sexual being. I was able to start to take care of myself and love myself in the deepest sense of the word. Through her Sensual Surrender Playshop I was initiated into the fun of seduction, the expression of delight, and the opening of my ecstatic self. My old beliefs became like a mirage, whilst I experienced the limitless possibility of individual self-expression in this safe space. I trusted Ix-Chel every step of the way as one who embodies these qualities. She holds a sacred space to explore oneself. I chose a culminating private ritual with Ix-Chel, my own version of surrender, and through that deep trust of Ix-Chel in her Devine Priestess role, was able to break through to experience myself fully in timeless ecstasy. I am both grateful and honored for her giving and for my receiving.”

Ix-Chel’s has a powerful reverence for the sacred feminine. In her ethereal, yet grounded presence, she embodies both the nurturing and empowering aspects of Goddess. Her deep love for Sisterhood gave me an experience of the healing that can be found when women come together to support one another. Her coaching work sparked within me the remembrance of my own indwelling Divinity. She has encouraged me to reframe so many of my conceptions of what it means to be a woman, and see my Womanhood as a gift to myself and the people I contact in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance to any woman who wants to take a deep dive into her unique expression of Feminine Power.

Christy Flowers

Elite Certified Tantric Educator (CTE), Santa Cruz, CA

It’s hard to express the sensations and emotions I felt during my time with Dan. His understanding and complete acceptance of my journey was an incredibly rare experience. Even before we began, he took great care to create an atmosphere and space that allowed me to feel comfortable, safe and eager to take the shared journey. The conscious breathing and constant awareness of connection helped me to experience a true, energetic connection. Our time was filled with compassion, discovery, lighthearted laughter and a sharing of pure energy that was second to none. 


H, Woman, 52

Dan provides the space and tools for you to take a step back and think about your life – your past, your present, your future, and most importantly how the three connect. 

D, Man, 23