Hi beloveds,

It’s a week before the Full Moon (First Quarter Moon).

A time I “normally” don’t write a moon love letter. I decided to do something different this moon around. As an elite athlete, it would be super important for me to check in with myself a few days before an important race to ensure my health was optimal. Consider this to be the time to feel into the ceremonial experience you would like to have for yourself on the Full Moon in Cancer. This Full Moon in particular will be a powerful portal of deep relating since Cancer is all about nurturing, emotions, sensitivity and all that gushy jazz. Is it time for you to connect with your priestess sisters? Beloved Knights? Both? None?


On another moon, a few days before the New Moon, I was at a 3 day invite only Priestess Red Tent training at the legendary Goddess Temple of Ashland. Oh My Goddess!!!! I experienced ancient feminine moon rituals, channeled by a modern day priestess and best friend, Aurora Rae. It was profound, powerful, and something that I will ALWAYS remember!

FullSizeRender-804x1024As I settle back into my life from an epic transformational time, I am happy to share with you that I reached over $1,000 towards my shameless Go Fund Me campaign for my music video while I was in ceremony in Ashland.  Most of the donations are from people outside my network (thanks to one of my best friends) I am now reaching out to my personal community. I had so much resistance to receiving external support, before realizing once again, that it takes a conscious and refined village of support, for the wisdom and gifts of modern day priestesses to be available to everyone. The Goddess Temple in Ashland was created as a gift to the Goddess after a request was made.

These modern day Priestesses are women embodying sacred sexuality, as a spiritual gift to the whole community. As your Moon Love Letter Priestess, I’d love for you to ask yourself, Is there external support in your life that you may be resisting receiving? Could this be a good time for you to surrender, ask and receive to create a powerful and memorable Full Moon Ceremony?

Last Full Moon, I needed to “release” my attachment to completing my music video by my birthday (this Friday!) because it was causing me too much stress in my personal relationships and most importantly in my relationship with myself. As I let go of this attachment, I’ve allowed the space for others to contribute. Since then I’ve been focusing on sharing the miraculous story, full of synchronicities and surrender, behind the track, “Velas Y Rosas” which is the reason why I am making the video in the first place.   This past New Moon, a few days after my Red Tent Priestess Training, I set the intention to be open to receiving the financial and emotional support, to bring all of my feminine gifts to the world, including this music video. Please watch and share the video below!

Your support in sharing this video, campaign and contributing makes this vision possible. I’ve included some rewards for you as well! Thanks to everyone who has already contributed too!:D

To learn more about Aurora Rae’s Red Tent, please visit www.OurRedTent.com.

Ecstatic Blessings!!