💃🏾 Advanced Temple Dancer Striptease 💃🏾

Have you ever been inspired by a burlesque performer and/or a stripper?


Would you like to confidently unveil yourself with courage and trust?


Would you like to be held in a safe and non-judgment environment to explore your sensual and sexual power?


Would you like to master your intimacy communication, expressing your desires and boundaries in detail.


Would you like to take your presence and temple movement to the next level?

In this playshop, you will continue to deepen the practice of tantric breathing techniques to help you become more aware of your orgasmic body. We will revisit the Intuitive Technique developed by master movement director Anandha Ray helping you unlock the energetic body.These practices will support you in being connected with the inner knowing within as you to unveil yourself for yourself and be witnessed. You will become more confident and at ease with expressing your sensually embodied dance and offering through consensual communication and being in a safe environment.

Come and share your most exotic aspects as the deva desi embodiment to your community and be celebrated!

In order to participate in this Advanced Temple Dancer Playshop, participants must have already participated in the Tantric Temple Dancer Playshop. 



-please bring a water bottle with a closing lid

-comfy clothes that you can comfortably dance in & LOTS OF LAYERS to play with!!!

-accessories that inspire your inner burlesque stripper to adorn your body temple for dance offering

-optional: journal & pen

This event is welcome to all sexes. Please share this invite with anyone you feel would love to come! Thank you! XOXO

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a topless friendly event! Be supported to express how much or little as you want of your own body. If you are unsure of being fully seen topless, we recommend as an option bringing and/or wearing some pasties. Doors open at 7:00pm and doors will close at 7:25pm. We will begin at 7:30pm. Please plan on arriving before 7:15pm to ensure your participation. If you arrive late, you will not be able to join the playshop. Thank you for understanding in advance.

“Life changing.”

“That was a very beautiful experience. It was so safe, loving and enlightening. Thanks Ixchel. Ur teachings are so advanced and kindly given. Xoxoxo.”

“At home. At peace with myself and everyone present.”


“Two incredible offerings back to back by my Source Tantra sister-goddess IX-Chel Sandivel. She offers an incredible container for participants to let their inner sensual light shine through. Intuitive Technique is an incredible technique that allows one to let their sense of intuitive movement unfold step by step. Treat yourself to this very fun, embodied experience by a wonderful teacher ♥♥♥”