Sacred sexual education matters; in fact, sex education in general matters but why not make healthy art and an offering out of it? #Tantra.

If all human beings had a safe space to learn about the most powerful and ecstatic energy on the planet, maybe there would be less violence and less of an unconscious need to rape the Earth of it’s finite sources. βš”πŸŒŽπŸ’–Instead that energy would be more consciously respected and directed into creating harmonious solutions with her, the Earth, the divine feminine energy that guides us to love, beauty and art. Creation that is full of harmony, balance, joy and divine alchemy. πŸπŸ’–βœŒπŸΎπŸ‘‘πŸΉ

Yesterday, I had someone say that my video has nothing to do with #nodapl. I couldn’t disagree with that person more. The moment we separate ourselves from our sexuality, we separate ourselves from spirit. This is the ego playing its potent trick on the mind and body. During these times we need to be connected to spirit as much as possible. Sex is the energy that brought us here in the first place so why would you disconnect from that source?

I get it though however…I separated sex and spirit through guilt and shame as a Catholic Mexican immigrant with minimal resources growing up.

This is what healthy, guilt free, shame free sex ed can look like: How different would things have been if we’d all seen this at school?

If the militarized police and private security and their leaders at nodapl were fully healthily experiencing themselves as blissful sexually enlivened, fulfilled and awake, earth connected beings – they would not be and spraying high pressure water canons in way below freezing temperatures and shooting and aiming rubber bullets, concussion grenades and pepper spray at the heads of non-violent unarmed water protectors, who are their brothers and sisters.…

Same goes for ISIS, same goes for the mass shooters, same goes for what we are doing to Syria and Iraq and the other 5 places the US is bombing right now.…

Through my art, I cannot help but to express the connection I feel with current events happening in the world and what is burning inside of me. This is the dance, we are here to weave these polarities together because we are that thread. We are all threads co-weaving an exquisite tapestry that is calling all water is life, life is love, love protectors to come together in the name of love and life.

When we release judgements, fears, and negative conditioning in regards to our sexuality, we’re left with pure innocence and curiosity. This curiosity at its depth is a desire to evolve with this infinite ecstatic energy that is available within us. This energy empowers us to step up in our lives in the name of love. Withholding and being in denial about the depths of sexuality, keeps us acting like disconnected boys and girls and finding superficial and/or shallow ways to fill a void that can only truly be filled by refined conscious innocent love and that is how I feel we evolve.

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