a conscious practice and ritualistic yoga that is balancing me during this time of healing. As of a few hours ago, the moon is in Virgo, a great time to fantasize about committing to a sex practice in detail. Virgo likes details! Like..what kind of flowers and smells do I want around? How do I want to worship or how do I want to be worshipped? Etc…

On another note, this Moon in Virgo energy can also be applied to manifesting significant events for 2016!! Yes, make it happen!

Sex is magic, a sacred yoga, conscious practice, ritual, medicine, a healing and self discovery tooll! Make the most out of this love, power and pleasure with or without a partner!! For instance, yesterday, I had a mind blowing self love ritual! I highly recommend having a self love practice to allow yourself to be even more present with your beloved and or lovers!

Here’s me after this morning’s Amrita rose love making, followed by buckwheat flax pancakes drizzled in low glycemic coconut nectar (not in the picture). May this inspire your self-love, ever evolving journey!


There’s a Sensual Surrender Playshop happening on Sunday, February, 21st which is limited to 6 committed priestesses for this powerful life changing ritual! To register and for more info please visit www.ixchelsandivel.com/Sensual-Surrender.

Have a blessed Meow NOW! <3!