Sensual Surrender Playshop for Women

Empowering women’s holistic sexuality and radiant feminine sensuality

Have you ever had the desire, longing, or yearning to embody and become the goddess you fantasize about? If so, Sensual Surrender Playshop Weekend Intensive is an opportunity to actualize that desire, yes, really and totally! This is the kind of weekend you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s an initiation and the tantric practices you will learn and experience will activate a quantum shift within you on a deep cellular level.

You will literally give birth to a new you, not just in theory but on an emotional, energetically, physical, and spiritual level. Allow yourself to be held during your transformational awakening and the reclaiming of your mind, body, sex and spirit! If you are feel the calling, it’s definitely for a reason. This is your subtle feminine intuition that guided you here. In a world of chaos, fear and suppression, she often get’s neglected but not today or anymore. The world needs your feminine gifts and awakening! Every single one of us has a gift to contribute to the healing of the world. Allow yourself to be guided, supported and nurtured to embody your most orgasmic, radiant and empowering goddess that lives in your hell yes as we activate your ancient priestess codes!

This Sensual Surrender Playshop Weekend Intensive is a boutique and intimate experience. I only offer this playshop a few times a year and to only 6 women at a time to keep the container and event as exquisite and intimate as possible.

This is truly my dharma. I genuinely love coaching women to surrender into their divine sensuality and sexuality that is in alignment with their integrity, core essence and collective spirit. Supporting and empowering her as she abounds her feminine power and sheds away pounds of old disempowering beliefs.

In this Sensual Surrender Weekend Playshop you will:

  • Learn powerful ancient Tantric Priestess practices
  • Learn to dominate your inner masculine with feminine grace
  • Embrace your feminine power to attract what you really need in your life
  • Increase your ability to receive more exquisite pleasure and gifts
  • Gain that kinda confidence that you’ve always dreamed of
  • Be in love with your body all the time and activate its full ecstatic potential
  • Transform any shame, guilt, and fear around your sexuality into a positive healing force
  • Transform the feeling of jealousy into it’s opposite; compersion
  • Learn how to increase your pleasure, stamina and the pleasure of your beloved(s)
  • Be held and supported in Tantric Sisterhood

Dakini Domme & Knight Masquerade Experience

There are three parts of this Playshop experience. The first part is Sensual Surrender Playshop for Women only- and in the second part of the evening we will have the opportunity to dominate my hand selected knights into our ecstatic queenDomme through a traditional Tantric Ritual with an exotic contemporary twist. My knights have an absolute reverence for the divine feminine and are here to support, honor, celebrate, and cherish the living dakini dommes that you are becoming. ~ *A Dakini is a female embodiment of enlightened energy, the wisdom of the divine feminine force of nature incarnated into human form. We all have this inner Shakti energy, and we can all harness it to become “Sky-Dancers” – cultivating our sacred sexual energy with our sisters and then releasing it in abundance to the world!   In the Dakini Domme & Knight Masquerade Experience, we will celebrate the divine masculine manifested through these fine knights and tantalize their spirits with our ecstatic moves, soul gazes, blind folding teases, hand fed organic handmade chocolates! It will be an ecstatic evening that will jump start your week leading to the Full Moon! The 3rd part of this playshop is a super powerful yoni ritual ceremony that will forever transform your life! <3! This will be held on Sunday!

Sensual Surrender Playshop 2019 Tour Dates

Nov 30th-Dec 1st  Los Angeles, CA (3 SPOTS LEFT!)


Vegetarian GF dinner will be provided on the first day of the playshop because Dakinis love receiving and need time to dress up for the Masquerade! If you have any food restrictions please notify our team 48 hours prior to event. Thank you!


Registration for Sensual Surrender Playshop, Dakini Domination & Knight Masquerade is $444. Pre registration is required to secure your spot for this intimate boutique experience. Either payment in full is accepted or a deposit of $144.

After sending your gift, please fill out the your coaching application here!  Once you have registered, you will be emailed additional information needed to support your ecstatic journey!

Intimate Introduction

Every blue Moon, iX-Chel hosts and leads an intimate introduction call to Sensual Surrender Playshop Weekend Intensive for Women on Tuesdays this month (see schedule below). Join me at 7 Pacific Time to hear about this tantric, transformational and exotic event that will forever empower your holistic sexuality and radiant sensuality!

Conference call info: Number: 1-857-232-0158 Access Code: 726568 Dates & Times | TBD If you want to be on the call but can’t make the date above, click here for a recording of a past intro call.

Cancellation Policy

There will be a $111 cancellation fee provided you cancel more than 7 days before the event. There will be no-refunds for any cancellation within 7 days of the event. All payments can be applied to future programs.

Scholarship Surrender

There is one scholarship opportunity available per event on a first come first serve basis. In order to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out your application here: Applicants must apply 3 weeks prior to event in order to be considered.

What is the vision of Sensual Surrender Playshop & Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade?

Who is Sensual Surrender Playshop for?


Still feeling super giddy and happy from the magic yesterday.


Artist, Actress & Entrepreneur, LA

Thank you, thank you thank YOU so much for allowing me in your life, in you sacred sanctuary and into this beautiful new amazing world!  I had the most amazing, exhilarating, supportive, loving experience and I so acknowledge you for making me feel so safe and honored.

Nikki Darling

Cake Baker LA

I feel so deeply opened and enlivened from the sensual surrender playshop! It reminded me of the connectivity of human touch, of how sensuality is a universal language and how we all are fluent in it!

Lauren Searless

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, LA

Amazing night ixchel! You held an incredible space of power and play. I was touched by it all. And learnt a lot. Still processing and taking the time to do so over this moon. I’m so grateful.

Cassandra, LA

I had the time of my life. I want more.

Sabrina Vedette

Sacred Lotus President & Festival Producer, LA

iX-Chel’s tantra playshop is empowering and fun.  I tapped into a long hidden and neglected aspect of myself that wanted to come out and play again.  I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to reconnect with my beauty, power, and grace, in a safe and nurturing environment.  My inner Priestess was awakened with confidence and self-esteem.  I remembered the knowledge that we are here to savor life and all it’s pleasures and share the journey abundantly!


Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, LA

Wow.. You’re AMAZING!  Thank you for teaching me that I deserve everything that I dream of and desire, and that I have so much more power than I ever knew existed inside of me. Ix-CheL, words cannot express the abundance of freedom, gratitude and bliss that has filled my body after participating in your Sensual Surrender & Dakini Domme playshops! You created such a safe and sacred environment for myself and the other women, allowing us to open our hearts to one another. I shared things with you that I have NEVER felt comfortable sharing with anyone, including my own doctor! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me and it feels amazing. Seriously girl, you have a gift! Blessings!


Organic Clothes Designer & Yoga Teacher, LA

These past 8 weeks have been the most amazing and transformational times for me. I truly thank you for allowing me to be apart of this magical journey.  You have helped me to use my voice, set  boundaries, knowing what my needs are, setting goals, finding my focus and really embracing my sexuality and for this goddess ix-chel  I am forever grateful for you. The sky’s the limit love and i look forward to seeing more of ix chels amazing gifts flourish and change the world!


Property Management, LA

Self love, respect, authentic expression, presence, vulnerability are the things I have come to value so much,especially in the last year. Values instilled by one of the BIGGEST influences in my success in business, womanhood and life in general; the stunning goddess iX-Chel Sandivel!! She is my life coach, my teacher, and my confidant. She is the most amazing coach! After only a few meetings, a few calls, I was able to birth my company and put together this amazing editorial shoot in just two full moons! Her influence on me has been nothing short of monumental! And her true love and authentic expression through her work is sooooo inspiring. If you want to expand and evolve in what ever your passion is in life, I strongly suggest working with my beloved siStar! She’ll change your life too.

Inobe Nicole

Prismatik Jewelry Designer , LA

“I consider Ix-Chel a modern day priestess. Unafraid, unabashed, uncensored. There is nothing about her presence that resembles shame, restriction or diminution. She is a matriarch in maiden form. Her openness an inspiration.

I met Ix-Chel at a time when every area of my life was changing, growing and in abundance, except my sex and love life. This was an untouched key, still repeating negative patterns from my childhood wounds taken into adult life as a wife, mother and lover. With Ix-Chel’s coaching, I was able to see and go beyond my fears, self-consciousness and limiting beliefs of my role as a sexual being. I was able to start to take care of myself and love myself in the deepest sense of the word. Through her Sensual Surrender Playshop I was initiated into the fun of seduction, the expression of delight, and the opening of my ecstatic self. My old beliefs became like a mirage, whilst I experienced the limitless possibility of individual self-expression in this safe space. I trusted Ix-Chel every step of the way as one who embodies these qualities. She holds a sacred space to explore oneself. I chose a culminating private ritual with Ix-Chel, my own version of surrender, and through that deep trust of Ix-Chel in her Devine Priestess role, was able to break through to experience myself fully in timeless ecstasy. I am both grateful and honored for her giving and for my receiving.”