Hi sweet beloved community,
I am allowing myself to fully open to authentically receiving the unexpected, uncontrived and unconditional love of the universe!!
The full moon in Capricorn is just a few days away and it’s a divine time now to inquire about your ability to receive more of what you authentically need and desire on your Priestess or Knight path!
Beware this moon love letter is a little on the longer side…so be prepared to do what you need to be able to fully receive this gift beloveds!
I love teaching my clients to receive more bliss in their lives. This could look like releasing self-created blocks to receiving more exquisite pleasure, gifts, money, clarity, or anything they are calling in. In order to teach this, I need to be in the inquiry of mastering receiving myself. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten so comfortable receiving that sometimes I find myself wanting to control how I receive after I’ve hit my comfort zone or “limit to receiving”, yes I said it, limit to receiving.
But who is creating and controlling this limit in the first place? There are no limits to receiving (well maybe healthy boundaries to keep one balanced and centered….like not receiving more sunlight after you’ve been sunburnt)!
It is the ego after all that imposes these suppressing limits and restrictions on the feminine energies of allowing and receiving, whether that manifests as an expectation of receiving a certain amount of things, or a certain frequency of them, or the inner critic, that says we shouldn’t receive.
So what the hell! I’m having a breakthrough and my train is back on track to authentically receive more love, support, guidance, resources, and all the things I don’t know of yet that I need to share my unique gifts abundantly. I invite you to get ready to hop on the train of authentic receiving because it’s on its way to pick your royal bottoms up!
 So grab your coat or your shades, and your mobile device to continue reading the rest of this moon love letter! <3!

Chu Chu, ok now that you’re on your train, I must warn ya though…
The dark side to receiving is when your openness to receiving becomes an expectation.
The flip side to my comfort zone to receiving is that it has also become uncomfortable to not receive anything either. So when I’m not receiving, I’m unconsciously thinking about what I did wrong to not receive because I am unconsciously expecting to receive, which screws up the gift of receiving in the first place! Receiving is a gift, a miracle, not an expectation or something that is forced or controlled. It’s something that divinely shows up right on time.
A perfect example of having a breakthrough in authentic receiving was on my birthday. Not knowing what I wanted to do, after considering a thousand things the only plans I made after all my ideas was to not make birthday plans…..well maybe just one plan which was to order a raw Irresistible Creme Pie from Cafe Gratitude. Doing this allowed my friends to reach out to me and show up so beautifully, allowing me to surrender to my unknown divine gifts.
There was no bad ass dj playing, no alcohol, no mansion, no mermaids, all there was was raw beauty and authenticity. It was quiet magical. I received everything and exactly what I needed. I allowed my closest friends to show up for me unconditionally. It was almost overwhelming at first to FULLY receive all of this love. Like really?? Wow! That’s huge! You’re coming to be with me even if I’m not promising entertainment, a playshop, an experience, or a lecture? What a gift you are to me or maybe I am all of those things by just being me!! hehe My ability to receive is constantly being tested. My birthday was a big test. I allowed myself to be fully seen with no agenda, no plans, no attachments by the closest people in my life and this was the biggest gift I could receive. I’ve never felt so naked with clothes on and it felt SOO good! <3!
My Naked Yoni Receives and Transforms on the New MOON!
The day after my birthday fell on the New Moon and I was maxed out from paddleboarding for two hours in Malibu, climbing my aerial silks and teaching my friends too, picking wild mulberries, dancing from the day before, and finally going to sleep at 4am the day after my birthday.
I was so exhausted I couldn’t really think the following morning and so I asked myself what I deeply needed. I really needed to receive a New Moon Yoni Ritual and to continue to explore my ability to restore myself by receiving without limits, attachments and expectations. I must have been inspired by the fact that at 2am I received an 18 hand massage from everyone at my party! Even though most of the time, I get what I need, I knew I needed to dive deeper and allow myself to receive fully and surrender unconditionally.
I asked my tantric beloved if he could please give me a New Moon Yoni Ritual. I was ready to have a breakthrough around the limits my ego comfortably created for me which had kept me safe and stagnant, because it was time to ecstatically move energy! RRAAA!! and Uhmmmm yumm!! Even though my beloved is super generous and is an exquisite giver, there are still times when my ego creeps in and says, “Ok that’s enough pleasure for you!” And then the most conscious part of me was like, “wait who the hell are you and who invited you to the fiesta?”
So instead of having more casual love making fiestas with my beloved, I’m bringing back the New Moon Yoni Ritual in which I receive a tantric and super therapeutic yoni massage from my beloved without having to give back during the agreed time of our ritual. Before he gets to the therapeutic yoni massage, we first do a few core tantric rituals to ground, and center. This could look like breathing together, doing mantras, praying, chanting, making offerings, setting intentions and so on. The New Moon Yoni Ritual was the business! It was super healing and paradigm shifting once again. I received all sorts of downloads and the kind of guidance that I didn’t know or think I could have received if I didn’t allow myself to receive so fully, openly and vulnerably.
One of these downloads I received was the inspiration to create, host, and guide Birthday Fantasies for people who wish to take their birthdays to the next exquisite, intimate, and fabulous level on this special day including of course the most exquisite erotic sensual hand-made, raw, organic, no refined sugar, super food and aphrodisiac laced delights and birthday cakes! If you know now you’re open to exploring this as a possibility email me and let’s talk birthday fantasies! :D!
I’ve gone from living in a garage with my family as a Mexican immigrant and barely receiving enough to make it through the month to receiving thousands of dollars over and over from people who adore me for just being me. Inspired by nothing other than for them to give to me, and for me to open fully to receiving, also a gift to them, receiving in the particular form of federal reserves notes or euros. I invite you to inquire about your ability to receive more love in whatever form it uniquely shows up for you and to receiving everything you don’t know you need on your exquisite path as a Priestess or a Knight!
For now, here is a Mini Moon Exercise Gift for you!
What is something you would like to receive today?
(don’t over think. just respond either out loud or write it down somewhere)
For the sake of this exercise, what if I gave you what you needed and in abundance?
Could you receive it? If yes, awesome, what else do you need? Repeat this exercise until you allow yourself to fully open to authentically receiving the unexpected, uncontrived and unconditional love of the universe!!
If you’re having a hard time receiving, what is stopping you? Could it be possible that what’s in the way of receiving is what is blocking what you need in your life?
Could it be possible that this could be applied to other areas of your life that NEED to receive love? ;)
Now that I got you thinking about your needs to receive, I’d like to share my upcoming events with you! These transformational experiences are exquisitely hot, paradigm shifting, and will DEFINITELY guarantee you to receive more tantric pleasure, breakthroughs, and awareness around the gifts of your holistic life force energy (your sexuality;)
I’m doing a Sensual Surrender Retreat in Ensenada, Mexico with Chris Luth, creator of “E.Sensual Massage”  a master and pioneer in his own right, a Tai Chi and Chi Gong master, an international Chinese martial arts judge, my first surf instructor, and one of my best friends. Chris Luth’s “E.Sensual Massage” workshops have been selling out from San Francisco to San Diego. He has completely altered and inspired my life in so many deep, rich and beautiful ways. I’m beyond honored to be able to co-create a special weekend for the “Conscious Connoisseur” ready to unleash his or her ability to deeply receive spiritual insights, surrender and give pleasure beyond the physical senses. An exotic weekend retreat full of tantra, Chi Gong, Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade Puja, Mexican exotic dance adventures, and more. A weekend you will remember for the rest of your life!
If you know you want to be notified about this event, please send me a personal email at ‘iX at Sandivel.com’, and mark your calendar for September 18th-21st (two days before the Fall Equinox! :D). We have 12 spots at our beautiful beach front mansion for singles and couples, and I want to make sure my moon love letter beloveds are the first to know about this unique experience. Chris and I will be having our first introduction call nextWednesday, July 16th at 7pm PST (add this to your calendar too!):D
Conference call info:
Access Code: 726568
In short authentically receiving requires
-courage to ask for what you need
-having a limitless mentality
-no expectations or attachments
-openness and allowing feminine energies
-unconditional surrender
If you are an individual who would like to learn about how to receive or give more money, pleasure, gifts, yoni rituals, feminine dominance experiences, click here to explore the possibility of enrolling into my Priestess Coaching Program.
In Exquisite Bliss,