Yes, it’s that time when the universe is supporting you the most to plant the seed of your hearts desires. The New Moon happens to be in Scorpio which symbolizes transformation, sexuality, intensity, death, rebirth and so much more. Not to mention it is Scorpio season and besides the moon there are like 4 planets in Scorpio too! This intensity calls for deep, raw and pure intimacy.

With that being said this is a powerful time to evoke transformation in our lives. If you’ve been feeling something lately, this IS the time to tune in to your truth. It’s obviously always the time to tune in to your truth but more than ever, a time to go even deeper. Ask yourself those questions that will inspire depth, truth and inspiration.

Sometimes New Moons I can sarcastically be like, “Oh yea New Moon wuuu huu!” I know that’s my ego playing tricks with me. Life is always renewing itself, that’s the beauty and magic of life itself. “It’s never too late to be who you want to be.” Take this time to renew your hearts desires!

So who do you desire to step more into powerfully on this New Moon?

For me, my New Moon energies are guiding me to actively being more involved with community, whether digital or real life… leaning more towards real life though tehe. I’m also feeling like theres something else beyond the work I’m doing currently. I’m taking sometime to listen and feel into those possibilities.

Another way to tune into the New Moon energies today is by doing something you already love doing. For example, I’m out of homemade dark vegan sugar free chocolates so I’ll be making some tonight. The thing is almost anything can be an offering, a prayer, a ritual on this New Moon to further activate your intentions. As I make my chocolates today, I’ll be praying and or using mantras. To merge my inner reality and my outer reality is a tantric practice. As I merge my inner hearts desires with my outer physical reality and needs is a way I become in union with my highest self. This is just one of infinite ways that you can pray/meditate, be intimate, and be love yourself.

I hope you take some sweet time to drop deeply into your hearts desires on this transformational New Moon. It’s also ok to not know what your heart desires are right in this moment. Even taking the time to drop in is a way of asking the universe that you’re ready for more heart felt authenticity, intimacy and transformation in your life.




New Moon Love & blessings,


iX-CheL Sandivel is an intimacy artist and transformational coach. She is living in exotic tropical paradise where she leads Tantra retreat intensives. A Source Tantra Yoga Associate & Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, she’s the creatrix of “Sensual Surrender PlayShop for Women” where women learn to celebrate their creative life force energy and to play a matriarchal and sexy role at the “Domme Knight Masquerade.”

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