Happy New Moon, today is the New Moon in Aries and if you’re reading this moon love letter on or after the 8th, we will be on a different moon then. Yup, every 2 1/2 days we experience a different moon as it passes into a new sign. The moon today is a New Moon which happens to be in the first sign of the Zodiac; Aries. Can you imagine tackling your life like “Aries the Ram.”, the energy of charging head first, fiercely and courageously into new beginnings of some unknown aspects of your life? Imagine if you could be that powerful! What would you do? Who would you be? Allow yourself to inquire and feel into that on this New Moon!!


This New Moon in Aries, I’m allowing myself to become more “masculine” and complete the things in my life that matter the most, such as the music video “Velas Y Rosas” (Candles & Roses). Yes, it’s taken me every bit of courage, patience and vulnerability to get where I’m at with the project. It’s been 2 years so far that I’ve been working on this and more than ever if feels like we’re closer and closer to being done.

I’m giving birth to something that I feel will forever transform my life, simply because of who I’m already becoming from committing to this project. All I know, is that I know I was destined to do this project, even though the “reasons” are still ambiguous and it doesn’t make logical sense. I will continue to share my experiences with you as I get closer to its release and for now, here are my latest tantric insights.

Last night I had an epic and miraculous New Moon receiving tantric ritual from my beloved. It was truly magical and ceremonially healing, quite the opposite of my last new moon. Throughout this Moon love letter I will share with you what I feel made this experience the most healing and magical New Moon receiving ritual for us so far! <3!

Well, for one, it was a success to actually allow myself to receive sexual healing in this way; to have not sabotaged myself into not receiving. Second, my partner didn’t take on as “the truth” or personally “my darkness” or my “most unconscious aspects of myself that need the most loving; meaning when a woman is about to receive sexual healing ceremonially and love from her man, god, king and or any sexual healing giver, it is very likely that her “darkest/most unloved aspects” are going to show up and make a scene, especially if she grew up watching telenovelas! lol

They simply show up for the unique purpose of being healed and of letting go of those stories and ways of being because they’re no longer serving her. This is really a time that it is essential for the giver (man or woman) to stay grounded, centered and present and not to take her bullshit personally. The giver must meditate beforehand, do white tantra or  whatever they need to do, to be in that healing space for her, if they are the one giving. This is time for her to see these “dark unconscious” aspects of herself at the same time as experiencing herself being loved unconditionally in spite of them and together, through this love and acceptance, she get’s to reclaim the most infinite source and supply of her unconditional self love.

She can obviously do this without the giver and through other forms of healing. But when you’re deeply committed in a tantric partnership, this is what intimacy is all about (“IN -TO -ME SEE” -in-ti-ma-see, “ti” meaning “you” in Spanish or “In you I see”).

As the giver, can you also love these aspects in yourself that your partner is reflecting? As the receiver, can you allow yourself to be seen fully?

Last New Moon, I was “supposed” to receive in this particular way and I didn’t, perhaps I received a bigger lesson along the way. Both my partner and I failed to move through our own blocks to get to the healing we both needed for our relationship. It’s not easy to share this part with you but how else I can provide value to my moon love letter readers if I’m not offering complete “IN TO ME SEE”, being fully intimate and honest with you?

Despite this painful experience, we decided to continue focusing on our healing and to getting back into a place in which we could both give and receive. I unconditionally followed through in giving him his receiving session on the Full Moon and shortly after that we started doing a healing practice. This is looking like everyday we spend together, after a few morning breathing techniques and rituals, a 22 min meditation, then we look at each other in the eyes amaland with a mala (108 beads), we say “I forgive you” back and forth for a total of 108 times. We are committing to this practice for a minimum of 40 days. When we’re not together, we continue these practices except we say to ourselves, “I forgive myself.” I feel these healing practices and rituals have strengthened and restored the sacredness of our relationship. I also feel that we cannot be attached to our relationship healing but I believe you must remain totally committed to your individual healing to even have the space for the healing of your relationship(s).

During yesterday’s New Moon receiving ritual, I was in a much more relaxed and graceful space to communicate my needs and desires and he was the most present, grounded and centered ever! The container we created, provided opportunities for deep healing for both of us! The healing was more individualized for me but any giver will eventually realize that she or he also receives healing when they become a channel of pure divine love. So for anyone out there who has a hard time receiving, as I did, trust and know that your giver is receiving too! It’s time to surrender to our feminine healing in which we don’t have to do anything other than “BE” our most present selves.

One of the things I re-claimed for myself during my New Moon tantric ritual, was my super powerhouse 22 year old self, that was unstoppable, courageous and fierce. After a traumatic event that I vulnerably share about at my Sensual Surrender Playshops and some of my other workshops, I felt like I lost connection to her. I chose to reclaim her because she’s an important piece to giving birth to this video. Her innocence and passionate, driven radiance is being summoned on this New Moon. I was scared to have her be in the driver seat of my life because she was reshaping and transforming my life, before I even knew it, or had much say in sabotaging or controlling myself to let her drive or not.

Whatever it looks like for you on this New Moon, take some time for you. Meditate under the moon… yes, even if you “can’t see” the New Moon, literally since it’s the time of the moon cycle when the sun/light doesn’t shine on her, the moon is still there. Just because we can’t understand or see things, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel to heal. Feel into your new beginnings and commit like the radiant ram that you are!!

Ecstatic New Moon blessings beloveds! xoxo

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iX-CheL Sandivel is a multiorgasmic empowerment coach & an advanced Certified Tantra Yoga Educator. As a personal coach, she guides men and women to have more juicy, intimate and sexually filling relationships. She leads events for men & women based on Tantra with an exotic twist. She’s most known for her “Sensual Surrender Play Shop for Women” where women learn to embrace their creative life force energy, and to play a dominant role at the “Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade.” A former sponsored elite runner, Ix-chel is co-directing her first music video in which she’s also the featured artist. Follow iX-Chel on Instagram at @ixchel_sandivel