Exotic Tantra Yoga Mini Retreat with iX-Chel

Creating more fluidity in your ecstatic body! <3!

Are you desiring to be sun kissed on a mini retreat whilst restoring your body, mind and spirit? An exotic & safe place where you can deepen and master your understanding and power of orgasmic energy, yoga and meditation?

Join me for a 3 day private retreat in the tropical jungles of Mexico where you’ll experience:

  • cultivating orgasmic life force energy to renew and restore your body
  • the ancient philosophy of Tantra Yoga that helps you awaken your orgasmic body
  • learning intimacy communication skills that allow your spirit to evolve in sexual ecstasy
  • world renowned Shamanic Fusion Intuitive Technique to unlock your energetic body
  • surf the waves of ecstasy literally at a virgin beach and within internally <3!
In your Exotic Tantra Yoga Mini Retreat we will go surfing or boogie boarding whether it’s your first time or 100th! I believe riding waves is very tantric and one of the most powerful ways to directly master and learn to read, follow and understand energy. The ocean teaches you instantly how to be present and in your body. We will have a surf instructor for safety and will practice in one of the most beautiful virgin beaches around. Imagine this, in order to arrive to a surf break, you have to walk through the jungle for a solid 5-15 mins depending on location! It’s so beautiful, rich and grounding! There are a lot of exotic animals in this area too which is always fun to see including in the water!

You will also learn to get more in your body through the movement and poetry of your soul or dance. I’ll be guiding you through my present teacher, Anandha Ray’s Intuitive Technique that has been unlocking my body and and transforming my life!

This mini retreat includes 3 days of Tantra education, 2 surf/boogie board lessons, intimacy communication class on a boat ride, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and lots of transformational fun!

The total for this mini retreat is $1546 or three payments of $550, all of which need to be paid before the start of  your retreat. A non refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your booking. If you’d like to include your beloved or some friends, it’ll be an additional $300 per person.

This mini retreat does not include accommodations or flights. Renting a car is optional and not necessary. You will be picked up and dropped off at the airport and will be taken to all of our destinations.

We are approaching high season in Mexico, so the sooner your’e able to commit, the more options you have as far as accommodations even if you book your retreat a few months from now!

I personally recommend checking out the following places to stay: High end Resort- https://www.fourseasons.com/content/fourseasons/en/properties/puntamita,  beautiful Mexican Balinese style breakfast and bed and super close to me- https://www.villabella-lacruz.com/ or checking out places on airbnb near any of the following “La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita or San Pancho.”

Yes please! Sign me up!

To secure your retreat, please send your $300 deposit to https://www.paypal.me/Sandivel/300. Once deposit has been received you’ll hear from me or you can schedule a time to chat here: https://ixchelsandivel.youcanbook.me/

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this retreat.

Thank you!


“I consider Ix-Chel a modern day priestess. Unafraid, unabashed, uncensored. There is nothing about her presence that resembles shame, restriction or diminution. She is a matriarch in maiden form. Her openness an inspiration.

I met Ix-Chel at a time when every area of my life was changing, growing and in abundance, except my sex and love life. This was an untouched key, still repeating negative patterns from my childhood wounds taken into adult life as a wife, mother and lover. With Ix-Chel’s coaching, I was able to see and go beyond my fears, self-consciousness and limiting beliefs of my role as a sexual being. I was able to start to take care of myself and love myself in the deepest sense of the word. Through her Sensual Surrender Playshop I was initiated into the fun of seduction, the expression of delight, and the opening of my ecstatic self. My old beliefs became like a mirage, whilst I experienced the limitless possibility of individual self-expression in this safe space. I trusted Ix-Chel every step of the way as one who embodies these qualities. She holds a sacred space to explore oneself. I chose a culminating private ritual with Ix-Chel, my own version of surrender, and through that deep trust of Ix-Chel in her Devine Priestess role, was able to break through to experience myself fully in timeless ecstasy. I am both grateful and honored for her giving and for my receiving.”

IX-Chel has completely changed my life for the better. As a result of IX-Chel’s coaching I have been able to completely let go, of two self destructive habits.

One of them, smoking, I had given up so many times before, sometimes successfully for years but each time I would continue to be tempted by cigarettes and would be aware of the desire to smoke very often in my periods of abstinence, that lasted up to three years in the past. I have now given up for almost two years and apart from the first few days I never even think about cigarettes anymore.

The other, drinking. I definitely drank more red wine than I needed. I now only drink very occasionally and don’t have a craving for it, unlike before.

These are two dramatic shifts and yet IX-Chel’s tantric coaching and training has and is still transforming every aspect of my life. I once again feel and believe that anything is possible, that I can manifest whatever I desire and need and that I deserve to receive everything good and pleasurable in the world.

Ixchel is highly skilled, intuitive, and a natural coach and healer. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Darius Fisher


Ix-Chel’s has a powerful reverence for the sacred feminine. In her ethereal, yet grounded presence, she embodies both the nurturing and empowering aspects of Goddess. Her deep love for Sisterhood gave me an experience of the healing that can be found when women come together to support one another. Her coaching work sparked within me the remembrance of my own indwelling Divinity. She has encouraged me to reframe so many of my conceptions of what it means to be a woman, and see my Womanhood as a gift to myself and the people I contact in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance to any woman who wants to take a deep dive into her unique expression of Feminine Power.
Christy Flowers

Elite Certified Tantric Educator (CTE), Santa Cruz, CA

Words aren’t enough to describe the ecstatic transcendental feeling I had in sharing this evening with you and my fellow divine dakini sisters!!! Thank you for being YOU and thank you to the universe for you coming into at such a vulnerable, sacred, emotional, transitional and precise time in my life. I so acknowledge you and your beautiful, open, raw, ecstatic, yummy, divine spirit! I am beyond grateful that you have allowed and welcomed me with such an open, full and loving heart that it makes me want to cry! I will never forget this event and will forever hold it in a special place in my heart. I look forward to many more connections with you and my sisters and can’t wait to see what is in store!!
Nikki Darling

Cake Designer, Dom's Delights, Los Angeles, CA