Can you see the moon rising above my yoni in the pic? It’s because I’m on my moon!! 😉

FullSizeRenderLots of changes during this time of my life. At the beginning of the month, I moved to San Diego, the sexually most consciously embodied community in the United States. This is my third time living in San Diego. I just love it so much up here. I love the beaches, community, and the fact that I am closer to my native land! 😀 Viva Mexico!!

San Diego is one of the most physically embodied (“in body”) places on earth; It has the most amount of triathletes per capita in the world. Yoga was first introduced in the United States in San Diego and the first sex positive polyamorous cable TV show, “Married and Dating” seen on Showtime, was shot here too. All in all I am feeling the call to ground my most embodied sexually conscious self here, as I complete my Saturn Return and get closer and closer to my healing!


Since my last moon love letter, I opened my heart and shared some super and vulnerable news with you. It felt so good to do this. I’m still on a search of understanding and healing these extreme imbalances I’m experiencing. The MTHFR mutation professional I last saw recommended that I continue receiving energetic healing because I’m a sensitive individual and I’m way better off than getting on meds! This will look like massages, cranial sacral, acupuncture, reiki and tantra love! ….Sounds good to me!! <3!


However, I feel there’s more to my healing than this. I spoke to a very highly recommend naturopath who has one of the MTHFR genetic mutations herself and that I’m seeing at the end of the month. After speaking to her for a few minutes it occurs to me that my body is in need of creating more pathways of being able to produce the neurotransmitters my body naturally requires. Will share as I figure this one out!


Speaking of receiving more energetic healing and ritualistic tantric love, this was probably the best moon I’ve spent with a beloved, so far! I believe it has a lot to do with how much I love, value and respect this sacred time. I also feel that the relationship to my moon creates an invitation for my beloved and those that I love, to show up in their sacred “Red Tent/Moon Lodge“ space, whether they are a man or a woman.


I got totally loved up on my moon and on the New Moon. I was made love to for 5 hours, was kissed fed homemade raw, organic, vegan, superfood, sugar free, mantra infused dark chocolates, and woke up to an ocean view in one of my favorite places in SD, the majestic cave land of La Jolla! My beloved even hand wash removed my blood stains off the sheets by running cold water through from the opposite side of the sheets where I leaked. I felt so honored and worshipped during this time. The last thing I wanted to “do” during my moon was to be in the essence of my “DO-ing/Masculinity” such as cleaning, which wouldn’t allow me to just “BE” in my flowy Feminity/BE-ing state of pleasurable surrender. I can easily clean any other day that’s not on Day 1, 2 and sometimes 3 of my moon. I am so grateful for my extraordinary man. His love for me inspires me to love him and myself more.


This sacred and divine moon place that I have created and arrived at with my beloved, is not something I take for granted or lightly. It has been a struggle and a challenge to create this space with someone I love. It has taken me lifetime after lifetime, trial and error over, and over again and again to get to this place with a beloved. For the most part, I feel like I’ve mastered my moon time on my own; to have the most ecstatic, healing and pleasurable time. The edge for me has been integrating that feminine magic, power and wisdom and being able to share that powerful transmission and experience with someone I love and I am so intimate with.


For one, during this time I’m not able to fully and easily think, I FEEL emotions the most, whether it’s a good feeling or a not so good feeling. I’m totally feeling and allowing guidance to come through. This can easily become a problem for any man since they don’t menstruate and at the end of the day really have no idea what women are going through except purely from experience and observation. There can easily be a clash of opinions and needs, since the energy of the moon blood is very raw. It’s a death, re-birth and clearing portal and anything that needs to get released during this time, will want to present itself to those around the women who is bleeding.
In the tribal days, and during one of my indigenous prayer runs for peace, the tribal elders would say that a woman can make a man sick during her moon time. She can tear him apart and destroy him because of the power she is holding during this time.


I’ve had some of the worst traumatic experiences with boyfriends/partners during my moon. I’ve been kicked out of my house. I’ve had my clothes violently ripped off me (no, we were not role playing) and I’ve been physically and emotionally abused. I’m not sharing this to solicit your sympathy at all. I am sharing this because I’ve had to take responsibility for the intensity and strength of my emotions during this time and most importantly to SURRENDER to the pleasure I would like to experience on my moon so that I can create it for myself. This is the time in which I just simply do that. I do me FULLY by surrendering to my bliss on my moon aka as Moonstacy.


I mainly take care of myself during this time. I re-establish and refine my healthy boundaries. Something I often say to someone I care about during this time is, “I love you but this isn’t the best time for me to hold you. This is the time to hold my-highest-self and my blood sisters” (when they’re around and/or bleeding). I even have this consideration written in my client agreements. Moon time is a sacred art and ritual that is slowly, slowly coming back full circle to being honored for the potency of its medicine. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers who have paved the way for my blood sisters and I to honor this time. I am also so eternally grateful for my beloved, the men in my life who do their best to show up for women during this mysterious time and to all the goddess in the world reclaiming this feminine wisdom!


I so love my man for being in touch with his inner feminine and masculine so he can best support me during the most psychic and transformational time of a women, her moon time! He understands that he’s not just supporting me going through this collective feminine shed but also the healing of our relationship as well.


Here are some pointers I feel called to share today in this moon love letter to avoid struggle on moon cycles and battles with the opposite gender during this clearing portal.


For priestesses: Moon time is super powerful. Make sure that you give yourself the space and cushions to be in the most relaxed and nurturing place possible, with or without a beloved. Your body will tell you what’s best. There have been times in which I would experience “cramps” when I was with a beloved. I believe this was the way my body was communicating to me that I needed space from him, needed to be alone and or with moon sisters. Listen and you’ll know. Trust yourself!


For Knights: Trust that your woman knows what’s best for her during this time. At first it may be difficult for her to consciously explain, express, or communicate what she’s feeling and experiencing but over time she will continue to refine her knowing and her ability to communicate what she needs to you. Be patient, loving, understanding and do not take her emotions personally. She’s just going through a clearing, super vulnerable and raw process. One of the best ways to support her healing is by listening for her needs, she may not be in a place to fully know what her needs are in the first place, or to fully or clearly communicate them. If you’re not able to do this quite yet, it’s all good and it’s probably best for you to get out of the way, or drive her to a Red Tent Gathering/Ceremony! lol Seriously, if you’re not able to give to your lady in the way she uniquely needs during this sacred time, that which is honoring of her moon, then space is the next best thing, along with giving her sugar free organic and vegan dark chocolates and or flowers and anything else she does know she wants or needs and can communicate to you 😉


I hope this helps you find more bliss during your or your beloveds moon time! If you ever need moon coaching, reach out to me for a free 30 minute coaching consultation here at



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