First Spring update after a brutal and hermit winter in Boulder Creek, CA!

3595_366237990149599_2112053705_nJust a week ago I moved back to LA and during a Nike print photo shoot the hair stylist tirelessly sprayed my face and body with rosewater for the millionth time, “Great! You’re pretty and you don’t sweat!”

She’s right I’ve finished marathons smiling with only some moist on my forehead and yes I don’t always understand the biology either! That’s when I took a minute to ponder…

If I’m not releasing water by sweating how else am I really releasing? That’s when it hit me! It MUST be the liters of release from my AMRITA during love making! 

This photo is from one of my most recent love spills referred in sanskrit as “Amrita” or in our contemporary world “female ejaculation”… Yes, I know I said it!! (Thank god for my Amrita pad)

Hesitant to share this online in public because of my belief that this could offend some of my network. That’s when my beloved, guilty for playing a major role in my sexual awakening and liberation said, “That’s because you have the wrong friends… My friends would love and appreciate that photo.”

Confused and left with a deeper curiosity I realized that sure maybe not all my circles, communities, and friends prior to my awakening have come to realize the depths, beauty, and power between the union of spirituality and sexuality, but who am I to be a judge of that? I believe that we are each evolving through our own individual unique means in different ways and at different times, and I so honor your path.

I’m also aware at this point that I embody the wild expression of the divine feminine within me that yearns to be honored and expressed because she’s been suppressed for thousands of years!

It’s the return of the balance between the feminine and masculine and I’m surrendering to her medicine as a vessel navigating through a journey of self discovery, liberation and expression. 

I understand if this expression is too much for some of you and I leave it up to you to choose whether you wish to witness and experiencing unique expressions of sexuality being cherished, respected, honored and celebrated through me!

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Special thanks for those of you who have been supporting and witnessing my journey… You inspire me!