No matter what have and create structures in your life that support your brilliance, successes, and prevent reoccurring learned lessons or mistakes! 

Hey loves!

I’ve been having one of the most difficult times committing lately to anything and I’m not fully sure why! All I know is I’m over resisting the expression of my gifts, suppressing my intuition, and being so hard on myself.

Writing provides a lot of clarity to me and I’m so grateful I’m somehow inspiring myself to share with you some beautiful yet painful lessons I’ve learned this past moon!  So thank you for the gift of accountability, receptivity, and being witnessed.

One of the biggest things I’m walking away with on this Full Moon is no matter what, have and create structures in your life that support your brilliance, successes, and prevent reoccurring learned lessons or mistakes!

After I had a powerful and successful Sensual Surrender Playshop followed by the Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade Experience, I have been in the doubt of, “Can I really do it again?” Can I really be that powerful and successful….. and again? It’s a reoccurring theme/belief/pattern that I can trace back to my earliest memories of performing at my elementary school talent show or the latest nationally ranked event I did when I placed 11th in nation in the 10,000 meters.


I’ve inherited this belief that, “I can only obtain a defined amount of power because too much power is scary and means I am living in my fullest potential.” Well that’s bologne and inauthentic because I believe in exploring and expressing human potential more than anything! So what’s really going on here I continue to ask myself as I inquire about my insights to share with my sweet beloved community.

Sometimes I’ve allowed myself to believe that I’m only supposed to be blessed a few times because more than that wouldn’t be fair, acceptable, or safe.

The truth is I cannot be afraid of failing or succeeding no matter how “successful and powerful” my former event or breath was. This is just silly and I cannot let my ego run this show! No way Jose!

Having solid structures in our lives including anything like having a schedule, or creating rituals around the moon cycles strengthens our exquisite gifts during those times when our shadow is creeping its way to steal the show.

Full Moon is usually an intense time for a lot of people whether it’s a healthy intensity or not, it’s just “what is” because things just get “full” and the moon happens to be a reflection of that.

As I release on this Full Moon the belief that I cannot continue to be powerful and fully expressed in the face of new failures, successes, breakdowns, and breakthroughs, what kind of belief are you releasing this time around that really isn’t serve you and your community?

If you feel so inspired, share on this news letters blog at, or write in your moon journal!:)

That being said I am excited to share the following video with you.. and yes, this time it’s actually clickable (my mistake last moon love letter… you can send me an imaginary spanking for that! :))




This video is about Amrita or Female Ejaculation, one of my favorite taboo related topics of freedomme (feminine freedom) and expression!

On Thursday, June 19th at 7:00pm PST, I’ll be having an open discussion conversation about personal questions men and women have around the mysteries of Amrita.

To join me, please check out the event click here:

Until then Ecstatic Blessings Amrita lovers!