Let your freak flag out on this Full Moon in Scorpio <3!

Yes, that’s right! All of it, even if it’s for a whole freaky hot minute!

I dream and fantasize about a world in which sexuality is seen as sacred and a celebration and there is no longer a need to rape, molest and traffic. With the Full Moon in Scorpio, intense sexuality energies are on the rise. Can you breathe through the intensity? Can you let go of any limiting sexual beliefs as you exhale?

Even though I’m playing “my part” in the orchestration of sacred sexuality manifesting globally, alongside many conscious sex educators around the world, I can’t help to share some recent news with you. Some of it is related to my love and sex life and the other is related to bold creativity which is so deeply connected to sexuality too. I will start with my most recent news.

Yesterday, I had the magical honor of receiving an email from the Cirque du Soleil President and CEO, 8 minutes after I emailed him. You see, I never thought I’d email him, receive his contact information and let alone a rose form him too. Oh dear rose medicine, hows I love thee.

It was 2012 and I was taking aerial silk classes at a cirque gym in Las Vegas. I was invited to see Zumanity, one of Cirque du Soleil’s more intimate and sexiest show, of course, lol. Little did I know the magic that was going to unfold that evening.

The gentlemen who invited me was a total freak performer. Freak to me is a compliment, someone who becomes an expression that is beyond ordinary. I was totally blown away by his performance… he literally was moving up and down a 20ft pole horizontally….. with his hands. Meaning his entire body was completely horizontal and he was moving vertically, up and down, carrying the weight of his body with his two arms. He even made it look like he was just breathing… Aye dios mio (OMG!)

Sometime after the end of his performance, roses were tossed in the air, illuminating the Zumanity cirque sky. In the air, I felt my heart whisper with the desire to receive a rose. I was healing from a recent break up. Literally moments after I heard my heart’s desire, the gentlemen in front of me gets a rose and then hands it to me and without even looking at me. Not taking a moment away from the show, he just swung his hand in front of him and then behind him. I received my rose prayer, blessing and medicine.

I was so happy. I love roses and it was so healing to receive this at this particular time.  We walked our separate ways and I waited for my strong ass performing Russian friend to come out. Hot damnn! After we talked for a few minutes and I knew it was time for me to go, I walked towards valet to get my car. I noticed that the gentlemen waiting for his car was the same man that handed me the rose. I couldn’t help but to thank him in person. “Hi, thank you so much for gifting me this rose. It was truly a special and timely experience for me. I literally felt my heart’s desire just as you handed it to me.” He smiled, looked down as if he was acknowledging the story, handed me his business card and then got in his card.

As I saw his car disappear (no, not really) I turned the card around and read, CEO/President of Cirque du Soleil. I was like what the hell… It was definitely a night to remember. One of my all time favorite nights in Las Vegas.

Humbled and confused as to what I would do with this card, I kept it and knew that if I would ever contact him, it would be because I would have something to share with him.

It turns out yesterday I did. He is building the biggest aMuseMent park in the world, 30 minutes away from where I live. I had to inquire about that because the most anticipated and biggest aMuseMent park in the world needs to hire the best muses and freaks in the world scattered with a few locals too 😉

I reached out to him and wrote to him about this encounter and that I recently shared this story with two friends who recently visited me in my home. There were too many synchronicities to not finally email me. Within 8 minutes he replied and directed me to the appropriate person to inquire about this theme park. An hour later, he liked one of my photos on Instagram! <3!

I’ve always had deep fantasies about being in a cirque show of some sort and even though I live this reality in the comfort of my home, I am looking forward to expanding my expression where it’s the most needed, desired and supported.

For a long time I had so much sadness for not being able to strongly pursue the cirque performance world but perhaps I was just meant to be at this cirque gym for this particular still unfolding reason. I am after all doing a one year long serpent priestess training in the US and can see myself being a serpent dancer at his Theme Park. The possibilities are endless loves.

We may not know exactly why, who and when but we will most certainly not know if we don’t attempt to give ourselves the chance and permission to just live, play and let our freak flags shine. We don’t always have to know everything. It is courageous to play with the unknown and trust your role in the moment. I invite you to celebrate your freak flag on this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Recent Love SEX life breakthroughs:
In the last 3 weeks, I had two lovers visit me. One for 9 days and the other for 4 days. These are two yummy and divine beings. For the first time ever, I had the full on conscious blessings from one of my longest standing lover to make love with the lover that came to visit me after him. I’ve been wanting to have this experience with him so many times. I’ve had blessings from other lovers before which is and has been just oh so euphoric. However, I’ve been craving and desiring a love blessing from this particular love of mine. I wasn’t sure exactly how this would happen. We have talked about this moment many times and there’s nothing like actually experiencing the real thing.

What helped me the most navigating this one was always as best as I could, stay in the energy of love, love for life, myself, and my lovers. Being true to myself and expressing this to my lovers was key as well. It allowed me to trust myself more and clear away any expectations.

Another thing that was helpful was being open to this blessing not “looking a certain way” and allowing others to help facilitate this blessing too. Both of my lovers at one point expressed the desire to talk to one another. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but when it came to that moment, it truly was.

I am amazed by the maturity, consciousness and love these two individuals have for themselves and their loved ones.

After I made love with this forever anticipated blessing, it was almost as if, it was never even about “the sex”, it was more about being able to be fully free so we can be fully present. Once “sex” wasn’t an issue, the blessing of it, the righteousness or consciousness of it, the guilt of it, the pleasure of it, and so on, there was nothing else but true intimacy and authentic being-ness/expression, on the other side.

I felt so much closer to myself and both of my lovers.

It totally feels like a new chapter of self love, expression and discovery. My love for my lovers only grew as well. They are truly extraordinary human beings and I’m so honored that I get to share love with generous, courageous loving souls… SOOO good! <3!

Having these intimate experiences does require patience, working with the unknown, and staying present to our hearts desires which in my case is freedom and love. I want to experience the depths of love at any given moment. I want to experience my freak flag shine at any give moment. I don’t want to wait for the perfect situation to express my infinite love for the people I have chosen to open my heart and soul too.

On this Scorpio Full Moon, what are you calling in to let your freak flag shine? What do you have to let go of in order to be/have/do that? What do you need to sustain that desire?

If you know you’re ready to let your freak flag out but you need some sparkly love and support, reach out to me. You can work with me on a one to one basis and/or in a group experience. Both unique and transformational experiences. Check links below:

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www.ixchelsandivel.com/Dakini-Domme (knight initiation- must contact me before registering)

Sending you all freaky Full Moon Love Blessings <3!