Exquisitely Raw

with Chef Jillian Love &  iX-CheL SandiveL

Exquisitely Raw is a five course raw and organic dinner inspired to ecstatically transform the senses through an exquisite experience of  raw food sensually served  by the touch of the divine feminine at its finest.

The vision of Exquisitely Raw is to inspire a raw and authentic world of conscious celebration, beauty, and elegance in a sustainable eco friendly fashion that stimulates the integrity of the human body, spirit, and mind. An exclusively intimate gourmet dining experience that transforms guests into craving raw energy and food in their exquisite life.

Exquisitely Raw caters to the conscious connoisseur of the finer things in life; food, music, and sensuality. Sophisticated and elegantly hand crafted super food gourmet meals that are high in nutritional value, Exquisitely Raw uses only the freshest ingredients. We buy locally, seasonally, and whenever possible from the farmers market. We do not use processed sugars and dairy.

This is an authentically raw experience and everything is cooked under 108 degrees to keep the integrity of the food at its prime and highest nutritional value.

Our servers are artists, yoginis, dancers and tantrickas who love indulging and relishing in life’s greatest pleasures. We love serving our guests and are always looking for conscious ways to continue striving for impeccable holistic beauty and elegance. We love providing a tastefully erotic, forever remembered, and entertaining feminine show in between courses with euphoric class.

We believe Exquisitely Raw food and the feminine touch is medicine to the soul and together as one expression of art find it to be an alchemical tryst.

We invite you to relish and celebrate life with the Exquisitely Raw ladies in a sustainable fashion and an exquisitely raw kind of breathtaking way!

Sample Menus:

 1st course: Sesame  Flatbread, Garlic Herb Boursin,  Honey Sundried Tomato Tapenade

2nd course: Fennel and Arugula Salad, Black Currant Pecan Tapenade, Fresh Pomegranate Pods, Asian Pear, Citrus Cider Vinaigrette

3rd Course: Tomato Dill Soup with Chipotle Cheese

4th Course: Black Sesame and Hemp Crusted Teriyaki Mushroom Fillet served with a side of  Garlic Cauliflower Mash & Lemon Pepper Spinach Ribbons

5th Course:  Vanilla Bean Chai Cheesecake with Maca Rose Cream Caramel & Salted Dark Chocolates and (optional) Almond Creamed Coffee (only non-raw item)

 If you’re interested in booking your Exquisitely Raw private event please contact us here.

iX-CheL Sandivel

iX-CheL is a transformational event director & mentor passionate about creating safe, exquisite and expansive spaces for beauty and sacred sexuality. X-CheL loves creating transformational events that are forever life altering to the senses and memorable. After 10 years of working in the food and entertainment industry, she has partnered with raw food chef and creator of Kale chips, Jilian Love. Together they present to you Exquisitely Raw.

Jillian Love

Combine equal parts imagination and training.  Add a heaping dash of talent and an overflowing cup of passion. Top it off with the ability to create engaging sensory experiences with the fusion of food, entertainment and fun.. and you have the recipe for a Jillian Love….

Talented raw vegan chef, workshops leader, community organizer and event planner with an extensive background and training in assisting people in personal transformation.  Jillian is a pioneer in the conscious cuisine and sustainable health movement!

 She is founder of Bay Area Raw, an organization providing events and social networking opportunities to bring together local businesses, entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists, community leaders and the greater Bay Area community members to share information, celebrate healthy lifestyle and support the growth of the Bay Area Raw Food  Movement.

Jillian also runs the Revolutionary Raw Conscious Cuisine Meet Up Group, a community hub for individuals interested in exploring raw food cuisine and optimal nourishment and engaging in lifestyle choices that sustain the planet. Jillian Love is committed to global transformation through conscious cuisine and is an advocate for food justice.

 Jillian completed her certification as Associate Raw Food Chef from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in October 2003. She has her Bachelors Degree in Communications and a Masters Degree in Counselling. She is a Certified Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute and a Certified Master NLP Practitioner through NLP California. She has lead retreats, taught classes and provided raw dinners, menu consultations and trainings in the USA, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. She is available for classes, speaking engagements, boutique catering and chef services, personal health and life optimization coaching.  Visit Jillian Love at www.JillianLove.com