Lovingly accept your inner beauty even if it’s scary! You are sooo worthy!

Happy one month left in Venus in Retrograde!!

Until April 15th we are going to be super tested in the areas of love and beauty because the planet Venus is in Retrograde. I do not consider myself an astrological expert by all means but ever since I’ve come to appreciate and value the wisdom of the moon cycles it has led me on a path of appreciating the cosmos as a whole too. There is loads to learn and appreciate.

One of my favorite things about learning about the cosmos is to not take my “stuff” so personal and simply (not necessarily easy) see it as a collective human yum healing! Meow meow!

Some of you have already seen that I got my nose bit by a dog! I’ve been sharing this incident on social media but for those of you who haven’t as I was feeding my friend’s dog food, I got my nose bit! This has been a huge learning lesson about not feeling guilty or feel like “I have to feed the entire world” especially those who do not appreciate me!

In this youtube video, I get into the deep and yummy details as I allow myself to be seen in my vulnerable and wounded face!

It’s ok to feel scared to be seen in our pain, wound and vulnerability during this time as Venus is in Retrograde. It’s one of the ways I’ve come to understand that the ego is about to die and I’m about to give birth to a new wholesome me. May this video inspire your self love and inner beauty journey during these testing times.

Stay strong and beautiful loves & please share the video!

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iX-CheL Sandivel is an intimacy artist and transformational coach passionate about creating safe, expansive and exquisite experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic awareness, confidence and self love. She is living in exotic tropical paradise where she leads Tantra retreat intensives. A Source Tantra Yoga Associate & an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, she’s most known for her “Sensual Surrender Playshop for Women” where women learn to embrace their creative life force energy and to play a dominant role at the “Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade.”

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