Hello there sweet beloveds!

I have a gift for you!

One of the most powerful ways to claim the exquisite purpose of your life is by diving deep and consciously into the relationship of your sacred sexuality. To do this you must have practices, techniques and support in place.

These practices and rituals can be anything from taking a bath the night before a very important meeting, sleeping with white rose pedals on the New Moon, enjoying a fire on the Full Moon and so much more.

Throughout our time together it is my commitment to share with you exotic rituals that have worked for me in strengthening myself as a coach, athlete, artist, and business woman.

It is with such an honor to share with you a beautiful gift that will open the heart of your mind.

I present to you, Ecstatic Union Ritual Doc‘ an amazing ritual you can implement into your life today created by a dear friend and priestess that I love and admire!

If you’re interested in claiming your holistic, sexual and intimate wholeness and exotic empowerment today, please book your breakthrough session here: www.ixchelsandivel.com/breakthrough.

More exquisite love to come!

Gracias! XoX <3!