Dakini Domme & Knight Masquerade Puja Experience

Dear Precious Knights,

This is a call for the divine masculine who is ready to receive, celebrate, and surrender to the exquisite expression of feminine sensuality as we dive into a deep Tantric Puja Ritual full of sensual domination and sensational experiences.

This Masquerade Puja (a tantric adoration ritual) is guided by Sandivel in which each knight will receive and meet a new dakini domme for a minute or two, or the duration of what feels like a lifetime. Each puja station is an opportunity for you as a knight to express your deep adoration and support for women finding her sensual ecstatic empowerment.

~ *A Dakini is a female embodiment of enlightened energy, the wisdom of the divine feminine force of nature incarnated into human form. We all have this inner Shakti energy, and we can all harness it to become “Sky-Dancers” -cultivating sacred sexual energy and then releasing it in abundance to the world!

Be prepared to explore your boundaries with the Sensual Surrender Playshop dakini dommes as we tantalize your spirit with our ecstatic moves, conscious touch, soul gazes, blind folding teases, hand fed delights, and organic chocolates! It will be a heart, mind, body opening evening to remember.

I love forward to seeing you. <3, Rev. Priestess iX-Chel Sandivel

I only have space for 6 “Hell Yes!” Knights so registration in advance is highly recommended to secure your spot!


Registration for the Dakini Domme Knight Masquerade is $144. In this Masquerade you will: – experience holding space as the divine masculine for the divine feminine in a LIVE, ecstatic & transformational ritual – contribute to the sponsorship fund for women seeking a scholarship to Sensual Surrender Playshop Wknd Intensive – exquisitely delivered organic chocolates to melt in your mouth & other fabulous surprises! Once gift has been received, more information to support your ecstatic journey will be disclosed to you.

Domme Knight Masquerade 2019 Tour Dates

Nov 30th Los Angeles, California 

Cancellation Policy

There will be a $111 cancellation fee provided you cancel more than 7 days before the event. There will be no-refunds for any cancellation within 7 days of the event. All payments can be applied to future programs.

WOW….The Masquerade Puja left me tingling, juicy, and tantalized! I can still feel the energy swimming through my body. What you helped create Ix, was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Upon first walking inside, the space was so beautifully made, the magnificent fragrances, and the juicy energy in the room will stay with me forever. Everything was a pleasant surprise which I more than enjoyed every second of it. I have never felt such heart felt compassion for my fellow brothers, and realized that we are all the same. We seek love and warmth. I recognize what you’re doing, and it is truly deep work – helping us break through old paradigms and old belief patterns which hold us back from our true expression. From the depths of my heart I thank you for holding such wonderful space for us. It was like nothing else I’ve experienced and what you brought was truly unique and special. I have never felt so adorned, so beautiful, tingly and juicy – and I also received healing and self-realization which I didn’t expect! You are truly the Goddess Incarnated and I bow down to you, with my heart and soul, and honor the Beauty that you are Ix-Chel. May the Divine grace you with success and beauty beyond your wildest Dreams. Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul In Lakesh.
Adrian Lobo

Dancer & Healing Artist, Phoenix

Thank you so much for an amazing evening Ix-cheL. I felt both empowered and empowering. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and still respected and honored. Look forward to learning and growing more with you! You are creating magic.
Mike Bell

Crystal Dealer, LA

Thank you for last night. It was such a fun and unique experience! You’ve definitely created something special!

Newport Beach Realtor, LA

My soul felt like a rose, opening its petals to the rays of light that were channeled by everyone in attendance.
Thor Wixom

Filmmaker & DJ, LA

A thoroughly enjoyable, enlivening, entertaining and educational evening. A divine feast for the senses also really good for the heart and soul. Ixchel created a wondrous alternate reality that felt more real and natural than the world outside. A delightful (k)night and luscious event, highly recommended.
Darius Fisher

Filmmaker, LA