I gathered all the remaining broken pieces in my heart and melted them all together whilst making medicinal (no, that kind of medicine) chocolate!! and OMG YUMMMM…BEST IDEA EVER to come back to, “What can I do to honor my heart now?”

It’s been like 2 years since I made my own chocolate. Even though I’ve had the most amazing friends and lovers bring me sugar free chocolate from the states @lily and I buy artesan raw vegan chocolates at the farmers pretty much every week, there’s just nothing quiet like making and having your own medicine. This batch was soo tasty and something else. Like the most delicious anti-inflammatory (gotta balance the cacao with tumeric) probiotic in disguise. I’m totally impressed by the cacao beans, powder and beans here in Mexico. They’re super tasty and fresh.

I didn’t use a recipe but I did feel into my alchemical belly. I was also forever using a recipe shared in disclosure from my favorite raw chef @chefjillianlove so did my best to remember that….

Here are the organic ingredients I’d love to share…. reishi mushroom, turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, vanilla, almond butter, almonds, walnuts, two types of probiotics, and the smallest trace of powdered stevia as if an itty bitty fairy dusted it with a kiss.

I love adding as much pleasure to my life #Tantra and since I know for a fact that chocolate is my addiction, I make it as healthy and enjoyable as possible by adding ingredients I need to take regularly too. Most importantly, eliminating toxic refined sugar because that’s actually what makes you eat chocolate uncontrollably, not the chocolate itself. I can tell the difference between having too much cacao vs I want to keep eating bc I can’t control this sugar high. It’s much easier to stop when you’re full from cacao than sugar. That’s for sure!

I like to be in control of my pleasure by making it as balanced and healthy as possible because in the end I don’t believe in “guilty” pleasure. I’m sorry to break it to you but it aint pleasure if there’s guilt somewhere in your consciousness about it. Meow

Making chocolate is one of the ways I love and honor my heART. The euphoric pleasure and nourishment and healing is… ultimately in my hands. It’s like a meditation too and so purfect for this New Moon Venus Retro portal. I hope you continue to nourish your heart during this Meow Now.

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