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& artist passionate about creating safe and expansive experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic awareness, confidence and self love. An Elite Level Source Tantra Yoga Associate & Educator, Sandivel or mostly known as iX-Chel Sandivel leads transformational events around the world based on emotional intimacy, Tantra Yoga, Dance & Sacred Kink. Tantra is a conscious & ceremonial lifestyle full of yogic arts, mediations, rituals and empowerment techniques. This eastern philosophy allows human beings to increase their awareness, confidence, pleasure and connect with their inner most innate truth, wisdom and creative expression. Former Elite Nationally Ranked long distance runner and model, Sandivel has been practicing mind, body, emotional disciplines for over 20 years.

A very active child, running became her

safe outlet for passion

and spiritual dedication as early as 1993. Nationally ranked in the 10,000 meters, and a former Nike elite sponsored runner, Sandivel became her own healer after 4 years of being injured due to neglecting her emotional body. In order to compete again, Sandivel had to gain a spiritual connection and awareness between her emotional body and mind or emotional intimacy. In 2006, she began to take full ownership of her emotional balance and intimacy. With an awakened knowledge for this intuitive relationship, Sandivel a year and half later qualified and competed at Nationals, something nearly impossible for someone who hadn’t ran a full season in 4 years. Since then she has actively been exploring the sacred union, dance and power between emotional intimacy and consciousness.

After a traumatic experiencee

in her early twenties Sandivel learned that having a healthy relationship with her emotional orgasmic energy based on holistic integrity is one of the most powerful, beautiful and sacred gifts she could ever experience. Inspired by her sexual awakening and liberation, she continues to study with the most highly sought after internationals teachers, modern Tantra leaders and master pioneers.

Creatrix of Sensual Surrender Playshop for 

Women, Domme Knight MasqueradeTemple Dancer Playshop, and amongst more creative juicy offerings, Sandivel is a catalyst and facilitator of transformational revelations. She inspires creative purpose, emotional intimacy and orgasmic empowerment!

Whether you’re looking for one on one Intimacy Guidance and or intimate group experiences, explore how Sandivel can best support your journey!

Are you ready to experience the pleasure and power of your emotional intimacy? If so, I invite you to take on a sacred journey with me, click here to find out more www.Sandivel.com/ready