Ever since the New Moon in Leo, a month and a half ago, I’ve been taking a lot of ME time and space which has been super restorative on multiple levels. It seems the more I take care of myself, the more I am able to give and be present with others.

I have deepened my tantric relationship with my beloved after completing a clearing ritual of celibacy (my version which included no yoni-lingam penetration) for a full moon cycle. I lead a beautiful, powerful and intimate Sensual Surrender Playshop & Domme Knight Masquerade and for the very first time had a woman travel internationally to attend my playshop.


As of last New Moon, we have upgraded our music video equipment to be able to process all the raw footage we shot successfully. After recovering our files, we realized that we had to get a new machine that had the capabilities of processing the footage at the speed we needed effectively.

I’m now at my favorite beach in Mexico for a mini vacation and possibly music video scouting after leading my first “Sacred Girl Power Playshop” for little girls, mini fairies and goddesses at Symbiosis Festival.


Mostly everything in my life is feeling back in alignment. I feel it has a lot to do with the powerful clearing ritual I did during Venus in Retrograde.

My body was in a place of needing this clearing space to heal challenges that my beloved and I were dealing with. Though it was extremely difficult to not have intercourse, sometimes a break, space and time is what I need to heal the things that my mind cannot resolve. The clearing ritual worked. This was also during the time that I went to see Mama Julietta for a ceremony in Oaxaca which only amplified the healing and clearing.


This Full Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Aries, observe in your life what it is that you desire to call in more and to let go of. What is “that thing” that would make the most difference in your evolution around your sexuality and spirituality so you can express and love more.

This Super Moon Total Eclipse last happened in 1982 and will not happen again until 2033 so take advantage of it’s beautiful and abundant power you’re creating for your life.

“To an astronaut standing on the moon during totality, the sun would be hidden behind a dark Earth outlined by a brilliant red ring of all of the world’s sunrises and sunsets” (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sunday-s-supermoon-total-lunar-eclipse-when-and-where-to-see-it1/)

Wishing you a blissful and happy Full Super Blood Moon Eclipse <3!

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Adoring you,