Sandivel, known as iX-Chel Sandivel is a Reverend Priestess of Isis, Elite Tantra Educator & former Nike Elite Sponsored Runner and model. Born in Mexico City and raised in Southern California, Sandivel is passionate about creating safe and expansive experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic devotion, confidence and self love. Through her online mentorship programs, personalized retreats in the tropical jungles of Mexico and playshop events  all over the world, she is empowering others to dance in their pleasurable edge and holistic truth.

Sensual Surrender Playshops for Women

One of my favorite things in the world, is to lead Sensual Surrender Playshops for Women which are always immediately followed by the ecstatic, adventurous, and transformational co-ed “Dakini Domme Masquerade” (Yes, Knights too!).

The next SSP is TBD, to be notified about dates, please click here. Pre-registration is required. Click link below for more info.

Running to Emotional Mastery

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Becoming your Multi Orgasmic Lover